About My Urgent Care Clinic in Alexandria | Woodbridge Virginia

My Urgent Care started serving the area's medical needs in 1984 as the Urgent Medical Care of Lake Ridge. It has since grown to be the largest privately-owned, non-hospital affiliated Urgent Care system in the entire Northern Virginia metropolitan region. Currently, we have two locations from which we can cover the needs of most residents of the Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, Prince William and Stafford Counties. We recognize that the public needs an alternative to the prevailing options for health care which have been either through their primary care physicians or the local hospital emergency rooms. Often a visit to the primary care physician requires making an appointment which may be available a week or more later. While one could then choose to go to the emergency room that usually involves waiting for several hours. The emergency rooms by the very nature of their mission, must take sicker patients before the less critically sick. Our clinics are specifically intended to fulfill this hitherto unmet need. Here a patient suffering for a rather urgent but non-life-threatening medical problem can just come in and be seen immediately. We take care of the medical problem and refer the patients to their primary care physicians for follow up. If they do not have a primary care physician, we can make a recommendation.

In addition to treating urgent medical problems, we are also able to provide routine physicals for any purpose and treat people with work related or auto accident related injuries. Over the course of years we have developed an extensive network of specialist physicians fro referring our patients to if needed. We can arrange appointments with most specialists often much sooner than one could get on their own.

We proudly honor active duty armed forces personnel and their dependents with a 50% discount off all out of pocket costs.

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